DTG Printing

DTG Printing

What is DTG Printing?

DTG or Direct to Garment Printing is a process of printing directly onto a garment with specialty inks. Unlike screen printing where the ink is layered onto of the garment, DTG inks are absorbed into the natural fibers of the item being printed. For dark colored items a layer of white ink is laid down first to allow for the colored ink to stand out, giving a print a more raised feel.

Services Offered

We offer no minimum orders since DTG printing is very similar to printing on your home printer. Your design is created on the computer and printed in a single or double pass print with all colors printing at the same time.  No need for burning a screen for each color like screen printing. Do you have a specialty item that you would like in color? Send us a message and we can assist you with making your ideas come to life. 

DTG substrates

DTG works best on items with a higher cotton fiber content. With 100% cotton being ideal, DTG can work with select garments as low as 50% cotton. You will find an increasing amount of DTG ready products on the market today;  T-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, blankets, shoes and so much more.

Wear and tear

Due to the water soluble inks that are absorbed into the cotton fibers DTG printing images/designs will be smooth to the touch and will not crack or peel like other printing processes.  

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