What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a unique process of infusing ink into the molecules of a particular product.  A image/design is printed on a special piece of paper with specialty inks and then through the use of high temperatures and pressure the ink is transferred into the product of choice.

Services Offered

We offer full color sublimation printing on t-shirts, mugs, acrylic, glass and so much more. Do you have a specialty item that you would like in color? Send us a message and we can assist you with making your ideas come to life. 

Sublimation substrates

Their are specially designed products made for the sublimation process but it can also be used on most products that have at least 65% polyester content. You will find a plethora of products on the market today designed for sublimation.  T-shirts, tumblers, bags, hat patches, glass items, wood items and so much more.

Wear and tear

Do to the infusing of the inks, sublimated images/designs will be smooth to the touch and will not crack or peel like other printing processes.  Since sublimation is a heat activated process, items left for prolonged timeframes in windows with direct sunlight do have a chance of fading. 

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